What To Do

Discover the best that Lebanon has to offer with our top recommended activities designed to enhance your stay. From exploring the rich cultural heritage of ancient cities and savoring the flavors of authentic Lebanese cuisine to experiencing the vibrant nightlife and breathtaking natural landscapes, there is something for everyone. Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, our curated list of enjoyable activities will ensure your visit to Lebanon is unforgettable. Dive into the heart of this beautiful country and create lasting memories with our most recommended things to do.

Begin your day trip with a scenic cable car ride to visit the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, offering panoramic views of Jounieh Bay.

Discover the breathtaking limestone caves of Jeita Grotto, delve into the history of the ancient Phoenician city of Byblos, and enjoy a cable car ride with panoramic views over Beirut and Jounieh Bay.

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Discover the charm of Jounieh, a coastal city just 16 kilometers north of Beirut. Wander through the historic old town, where narrow streets are lined with traditional stone buildings, quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants. Immerse yourself in Lebanon's rich cultural heritage and visit the iconic Our Lady of Harissa statue, offering breathtaking views from Harissa mountain. Jounieh's old town is a must-visit destination, blending history, culture, and stunning coastal scenery.​

Explore Byblos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Located on the stunning Lebanese coast, Byblos is a treasure trove of history and culture. Wander through its ancient ruins, stroll along the picturesque old souk, and visit the impressive Byblos Castle. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, dine at seaside restaurants, and soak in the breathtaking Mediterranean views. Byblos is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and travelers seeking a unique and captivating experience.

Discover the natural beauty of Raouche, a coastal gem in Beirut, Lebanon. Famous for its iconic Pigeon Rocks, Raouche offers stunning cliffside views and a breathtaking seaside promenade. Take a leisurely walk along the Corniche, enjoy a refreshing sea breeze, and dine at charming waterfront cafes. Raouche is the perfect spot to capture unforgettable photos and experience the serene beauty of Beirut's coastline. Don't miss this enchanting destination on your Lebanese adventure.

Paragliding in Lebanon is an exhilarating adventure, especially in spots like Jounieh, Byblos, and the scenic mountains near Beirut. Imagine soaring over the Mediterranean Sea, lush greenery, and even snow-capped peaks. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned glider, tandem flights with certified instructors ensure a safe and thrilling ride. With several operators offering courses and equipment rentals, you can easily dive into this breathtaking experience. The best time to fly is from spring to autumn, with safety and health being top priorities. Paragliding here is a must-try for any adventure lover visiting Lebanon!

Nestled in the Keserwan District of Mount Lebanon, Faraya is a charming mountain village just 46 kilometers northeast of Beirut. At an elevation of 1,850 meters, it's a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. In winter, it transforms into a bustling hub for skiing and snowboarding at the renowned Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort. Come summer, it offers scenic hiking and mountain biking adventures. With diverse accommodation options and stunning views of snow-capped peaks and lush valleys, Faraya promises a year-round retreat for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Embark on a journey from Beirut to the historic cities of Baalbek and Zahle, and explore the renowned Chateau Ksara winery. In Baalbek, marvel at the awe-inspiring Roman ruins of the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter. Savor a traditional Lebanese brunch in Zahle, the largest city in the Beqaa Valley. Conclude your adventure with a guided tour of the Ksara Caves, one of Lebanon's oldest and most celebrated wineries. This trip promises a blend of ancient history, culinary delights, and exquisite wines.